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Our Story

Where we started




The business as it is today has grown,as most do, out of necessity.  Whilst many years ago I knitted for my own children and kept all of my patterns from then.  They were put away in an old suitcase and forgotten over time

Children and work took over anything else I had planned in life, but there is always a turning point and that for me was when the children left home and I had extra time on my hands

Then came my saviour.  Speaking to several people who , like me, just loved the vintage look or style on babies but could not find it anywhere I remembered my pattern base

I am now being asked by new or due mommies to knit for their new  babies, and so I started

All our knitted items are hand knitted traditionally and never just hand finished, we deliver our knitwear  wrapped in heirloom tissue so they can be kept and handed down for generations.   We also offer a gift wrap service, just add this on purchasing

I have now been knitting for over 40 years and still never tire of seeing a completed item and the pictures that are sent from my clients

I now have a exceptionally large vintage pattern collection and through time have used several yarns which I still use today

Merino:  very wearable and washable.  Used to regulate babies temperature as it has great qualities and super soft
Cashmere;  Luxury itself so soft and cozy , hand wash only
Blends;  watch the website for new blends and new prices to match
Aran; tradition Scottish knitwear knitted by a traditional Scot

If there is anything you cannot find on the site please contact me and I will advise if I can undertake the project for you

My pram suit list opens each year in July for winter babies and this year we are adding baby bundles with sleeves for those chilly outings

I have, if needed, other knitters I can call on when it gets a bit mad and timing is a factor

We do premature baby clothing which can be reduced to exceptionally small sizes if required

Thank you for reading and I look forward to knitting for you soon